Cinemalaya capsules, part 4

God, Church, Pills and Condom

Note to self: Dear lord, if ever I decide to do a documentary in the future, I will not do a subject which I don’t have anything new to say. Amen.

Front Row – Ang Pinakabata

Interesting subject. What isn’t if it’s about a strong-willed 10-year old child and a mother. The catch is, I’m referring to only one person.

Side by Side

From film to digital, and further.

Mga Mumunting Lihim (Jose Javier Reyes, 2012)

I would have rated this higher because it is very obvious that Reyes is pushing his craft further. Reyes is not a visual director and this film is not gonna change that. His craft is in writing and this is where the film should have gone a level higher. The diary is used not merely to disclose little secrets, or to advance the narrative as the norm is, but as a device to preface its points, so that the planting is right away followed by the reaping. And the points in Lihim come in succession, generating a series of comedy that are not dry but loud. Had this been maintained throughout, it could have been the triumph for Reyes. The need for closure ruined the fun, sending it to an obligatory sap. I would have left it hanging to retain the bite. It didn’t.

Mga Dayo (Julius Sotomayor Cena, 2012)

It is able to perfectly capture the alienation of diaspora. That Olga Natividad is just magnificently effective. I came in to MKP theater clueless and left cursing myself for not watching this at the Main theater!

Mga Kidnapper in Ronnie Lazaro (Sig Sanchez, 2012)

A valentine to indie-filmmaking.

Diablo (Mes de Guzman, 2012)

From first frame to the last, de Guzman shows a confidence that is  inherent to a craftsman who knows his vision inside and out. Diablo is an authoritative filmmaking.


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