Cinemalaya Capsule, Part 1

The Animals (Gino M. Santos, 2012)

Santos belongs to this cluster of affluent kids he is depicting in the film — it shows, and it feels authentic. But Santos is also too busy going for the shock value he forgets his kids are already stupid and shallow. But are they really, in real life? Do they plunge into stupid action just for the heck of it, less motivation, more peer pressure?


Intoy  Syokoy ng Kalye Marino (Lemuel Lorca, 2012)

Wrong of me that I’ve read the Palanca Winning Short Story, from which the film is adapted. Where the short is more of a lust story, the film goes for the more standard, love story. Where the former is social realist, the latter is blind optimist. Revelation performances and able technical aspect saved the whole thing from drowning with the pestered mussels.


Ang Nawawala (Marie Jamora, 2012)

A charmer. More concerned with evoking moments than propelling plots.

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